2017 Speaker Schedule





Winter Retreat & Symposium—Day 1 February 2, 2017 Where We Are    
StrengthsFinder Assessment    
Patricia Gillette, J.D.    
Courtney R. Chavez, J.D.
Cynthia Pladziewicz, J.D., Ph.D., PCC    

Winter Retreat & Symposium—Day 2      February 3, 2017 Vision & Authenticity
Building Relationships Risk-Taking 
Stress Management/Self-Care 
Jennifer Ostrich, PCC
Gindi Eckel Vincent, J.D.Gindi Eckel Vincent, J.D.    Gwen Brehm, LPC    
Spring Seminar May 11, 2017 Effective Communication
Victoria Pynchon, J.D.    
Victoria Pynchon, J.D.    

Summer Seminar August 3, 2017 Self-Promotion 
Business Development    

Kim Askew, J.D.
Kim Askew, J.D.    

Fall Seminar November 2, 2017 People Management
Time Management    

Deborah Williamson   
Deborah Williamson
Graduation Celebration November 30, 2017
Resilience & Restoration  General Angie Salinas


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