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BCWB Retreat: Focusing On Your “Boerne-ing” Questions!!!

Friday, February 19, 2016 10:14 AM | Anonymous

This year’s Retreat is scheduled for June 9th and 10th, and we’ll be escaping to the charm, slightly lower temps and peace of Boerne and its historic hotel, Ye Kendall Inn.

And we would LOVE your help in tailoring this year’s program so that it addresses those thorny, rascally, challenging, and inspiring issues you face in your practice, especially as a woman in a dynamic (and still pretty male-dominated) profession.  We are calling these topics your “Boerne-ing” (pronounced:  burn-ing) Questions.

So … please email Judge Renee Yanta (renee.yanta@bexar.org), Leslie Hyman (lhyman@pulmanlaw.com), and/or Laurie Weiss (lweiss@grandecom.net) your “Boerne-ing” Question—the topics/issue you would really love to have fleshed out, discussed, and CREATIVE and HELPFUL tips.  And if you want to remain anonymous, just put that issue in an envelope and slip the envelope under Shirley’s door (she’s the clerk of the 150th—second floor of the old courthouse)). 

Write quickly (!!!) (please send us your submission by March 2nd) because we’ll review all  submissions and, using your “Boerne-ing” Questions, we’ll create the program and tap just the PERFECT speakers!!!   And we need to get busy!!!!

Thanks so much—and we are counting down the days to June 9th!!!!!

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